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Manufactured in

Our products are manufactured in the country of sale! Our vision is to create products that are unique, innovative and reflect your individual lifestyle.

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High Quality

All our products are manufactured to the highest quality in the UK, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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We carefully select and source our ingredients, and offer Gluten, Vegetarian, free, Lactose and GMO free.

The Process

Get in touch

You get in touch using the form on this website for a free product consultation


We tell you honestly if we can help, provide accurate pricing, lead times and minimum quantities

Your vision

Once you’ve approved the quote, we set your vision into motion


We arrange shipment and delivery wherever you need around the world

Examples of types of products

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Patch delivery systems are at the very cutting edge of technology, providing great results for the user and fantastic selling points for your marketing efforts.


The most common of nutraceutical products; are economical, easily understood, and consistent in the industry. Contact us for more details.


We can produce a huge array of different spray delivery systems. Topical or oral ingestible even sublingual. Contact us for more details


The beauty and cosmetic industry never slows down and is constantly innovating. Peptides, stem cells and cell restructuring products are all now available.

Bring your creation to life with out Marketing service

Logo Design

We can help you create your branding including logos

Packaging Design

We have created medical packaging for last 5 years and can help you concept and bring your brand to life with our in house marketing

Product and Lifestyle Pictures

bring your products to life with lifestyle pictures that help sell your product

Product Videos

Give customers a dynamic look at your product with these explainer videos.

Outbound Marketing Partners

MNT conduct outbound campaigns to existing customers and through a process of good customer service, great product service knowledge, sales ability we keep your customer buying more from you over a longer period of time. Our aim quite simply is to increase the spending power of your existing customers in addition to your direct mail and email strategies.

Enhanced Loyalty

We can create enhanced loyalty by making those calls to you customers. Try us today!

A Personal Service

Our fully trained advisors will ensure your customers receive a VIP service.


Outbound call to your customers on your behalf will rejuvenate lapsed customers.

Post Follow Up

We can follow up on a direct mail shot to existing customers, the result …. response rates doubled.

Some of Our Marketing Partners

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